Norwich Mindfulness

This course is the most worthwhile thing I have done to help deal with my condition and as an added bonus it is helping me deal with other aspects of life too. I will be carrying what I have learnt with me into the future. Would definitely recommend.
Health condition: Chronic widespread pain

Wonderful, a life changing experience. Cathie Stanley is an inspiration.
D.T. Yhearm
Occupation: Medical retirement/disabled

The course helped me on so many levels. It has helped me to accept health conditions, enabled me to cope better and given me  lifelong tools and skills to improve my life on a daily basis. The course leader and class environment are lovely and I'd thoroughly recommend taking the course to enable you to move forwards and be content, peaceful and happy.

The course has helped me understand how the mind works, to accept that thoughts are not facts, and enabled me as a result to better manage my anxiety.
Anxiety and panic attacks

Thank you Cathie - a much needed reminder of the life changing skills and experiences learned on the previous course. Th end of the course has come all too quickly however I have a valuable toolkit to make my practice more lasting. 
Person centred counsellor
Health condition or circumstances which led you to take the course: Recovery from a series of health difficulties/wanting to further my knowledge and experience of mindfulness

Following the course I now have some tools I can use on a regular basis to reduce anxiety and enjoy life more. I've already experienced that the tools work!
Health condition: Non-specific anxiety

A well thought out and very structured programme for becoming more aware of how I think about myself and the situations in my life. It's given me a "tool kit" for dealing with my own stress through mindful meditation.
Circumstances that led you to take the course: Stressful job

This course has provided me with a solid foundation of practice and understanding of mindfulness. It has given me the encouragement and courage to make space in my daily life for something I now believe to be an essential part of living meaningfully.

It's been a really worthwhile experience. One of the best courses I've participated in. Cathie was calm, supportive and very clear - a joy to learn from. I feel armed with techniques I can take home with me and I know will continue to help my self development.
Communications freelancer
Anxiety and depression

Having established a routine meditation it was very useful to re-vist/remind myself of some of the key concepts and ideas of Mindfulness. Mindfulness has transformed my life and provided me with the tools to manage my stress in a healthy and meaningful way that will endure and stay with me always.
Kelly Scott
Teaching Assistant/Mother

The course has enabled me to change the way I live with and respond to my chronic health problems. It has freed me from them encroaching on every aspect of my life, giving me control back.

Health condition: Arthritis

Cathie leads a Breathworks course that is compassionate, educational and life transforming.
Occupation: Physiotherapist

An amazing course which has given the tools to accept my condition but not to let it define me. The beginning of an exciting journey. Cathie is very inspirational and a great tutor.
Health condition: chronic pain and fatigue

Worth every single penny and more. What you get from the course will vary depending on your needs as mindfulness can be applied to all situations. This course changed my life; it has now begun.
Occupation: Caring profession, social work
Health condition/Reasons for taking the course: Stress; wanting to feel happier; helping others with physical pain and depression

Course extremely well designed and delivered; practical and efficient for those leading busy stressful lives.

As a busy working Mum I had found things getting on top of me, anxiety taking over and generally losing sight of what was really important in life. The course has made me understand that I have all the tools I need to lead a fulfilling and joyful life again through reconnecting with the breath and the body and understanding how the brain works. Learning how to meditate in a scientific way.
Occupation: Teaching Assistant/Mother
Reason for taking the course: Anxiety 

A great introduction to a range of techniques that together provide a way to be kinder to oneself! I like how the informal practice like a 3 minute meditation can fit in the day.
Occupation: Student
Reasons for taking the course: Stress and anxiety

A relaxed yet well composed course. A very useful mix of awareness, ideas and practical experience. I would encourage anyone to attend if they wish to change their situation.

Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Health Condition: CFS

For anyone who works in a potentially stressful occupation this course provides a vital key to maintaining perspective and balance. In a gentle and perceptive way, Catherine leads skillfully through the 8 week course to a satisfying and resourceful conclusion.
Occupation: Education manager

Really beneficial and helpful in what has been a difficult time in my life. Has given me strategies and ways of coping in the future.


This course has been an awakening to me. I feel it has given me the tools to become the person I want to be, as well as accepting who I am.

We look after our physical being by going to exercise classes but this is about looking after our mental state of mind. It gave me the tools to know how to look after my mind.
Occupation: Busy Working Mum
Health Condition: Anxiety and mental exhaustion

I have been amazed at the difference the course has made to the way I think and feel. I feel it's the beginning of a life long commitment.
Occupation: Customer Services
Practical, challenging at times, common-sensical and something that can be integrated into everyday life relatively easily.
Health Condition: Stress/Anxiety/Depression


Since completing the course I have a wonderful memory of a Robin singing in a tree and it still makes me smile every time I think of it, I noticed it while being Mindful!
Occupation: Teacher


The Breathworks course is something I can incorporate into the rest of my life. It has been immensely helpful at a difficult time of my life, when my anxiety levels were very high. I feel I can now manage them. I am so glad I found this at this time.
Health Condition: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

I arrived at the course in a very anxious state. I felt I couldn't cope with life's difficulties. I now feel confident that using the varied techniques I am happier, stronger with a new joy for life.
Occupation: Youth Worker

I found the course really helped me to allow myself to let go of thoughts that were going around my head. Some times I feel that I could never escape being "in my head" all the time, but Mindfulness has given me security and strength in the knowledge that I am separate from my thoughts - at the end of the day they are just thoughts!
J. Partridge
Occupation: IT Admin

After a few bouts of post-natal depression I was left feeling like I couldn't cope with the responsibility of children. Having tried CBT and various anti-depressants I had nearly given up hope. Mindfulness has changed the way I see the world. All I know is that now I can not just appreciate my children but I can enjoy them in the way that I longed for.

I found the course so helpful as I suffered from anxiety and also chronic fatigue which I felt were feeding off each other. The Mindfulness course helped relieve the vicious circle and although I am still an anxious person it has helped to reduce it and put things into perspective which in turn has reduced my feelings of mind fatigue.
Health Condition: Chronic fatigue

This course has helped me tremendously, with the support from Cathie and other participants. I can now understand how my thoughts can create additional stress in my life and how I can use mindfulness as a tool to take a step back from stressful situations. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to live a happier and calmer life!
Health Condition: Stress related illness

I would highly recommend this course, it has given me a tool to cope with pain and anxiety. It is not only a tool but a way of living life more fully.
Occupation: Nurse
Health Condition: Breast cancer

I've done this course and it really has helped me a lot. I was able to work through problems I had been having for some time without having to pour my heart out to lots of people, or in fact, anyone, and since then I have been able to use what I learned on the course to keep myself on an even keel. Probably what I took most from it is that while I still have the same problems, I can deal with them without everything in life seeming like a massive drama.
Occupation: Journalist
Health Condition: Depression

This is a really great course and Cathie is an intuitive, supportive, non-judgemental tutor who guides you through the weeks of mindful practice. I feel I benefitted from being in a group as it helped me share the journey with others and made me a little more disciplined to practice at home. I would recommend this course (Mindfulness for Stress) to anyone feeling stressed, depressed or just living in the modern world!
Occupation: Mature Student
Health Condition: Anxiety and Depression

After the session I walked to my car to find it was clamped, at which point I noted that I'd left my mobile phone at home! Immeditate panic was vying with the mindfulness skills we'd only just been discussing minutes before i.e. paying attention to my thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations. So I consciously set my mind on bodily sensations although panic kept creeping back and I had to keep bringing my mind back. As the bodily sensations naturally subsided I could calmly focus my mind on a plan of action...which really impressed my family when I finally got home.
Fiona B
Occupation: Pharmacist

I think it has had a big impact on my life already. The main purpose for me was to help me cope with a difficult personal situation...the big current one situation became a crisis again last week. I think because I'm learning to turn to the unpleasant rather than resisting it I've coped better. I am not in denial as much (about mum's mental health problem) and I'm not taking it out on myself (through chronic muscle tension bringing incredible pain). One of the musculoskeletal specialists I saw last year said he would prescribe meditations for my condition and it took me nearly a year to actually do it. 
I think a big turning point for me, that has been particularly inspirational, is when you talked about 'drainers and sustainers'. It all made sense but until we actually put it into practice, it's just an idea. It was later that night when I had to respond to a family crisis that I decided I had to remove a 'drainer', and I couldn't go back to sleep so wrote a letter to my manager. I explained clearly what I wanted (we are terribly overworked), how it's affecting me and how I want to give a quality service, and I need my lunch breaks and to not work long hours etc, and gave my solutions, did she think they were reasonable? I'm glad to say she was in agreement and supported my suggestions...and just that removed SO much 'draining' pressure. I think everyone should do it, remove a drainer if they can. I felt trapped before that, approaching exhaustion. 'Sustainers' go hand in hand with them so I will keep trying to mindfully make them happen too, without guilt, and with kindness for myself and others.
This is the beginning of the journey, it's ongoing and I will try to do it with mindful compassion.

Occupation: Adviser

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