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Norwich Mindfulness runs the Breathworks Mindfulness courses.

The courses are designed to benefit anyone experiencing everyday stress or who lives with chronic pain or a long-term illness.

They are based on the practice of Mindfulness; moment by moment, non-judgemental, kindly awareness of whatever is happening in the here and now.

They run as weekly or fortnightly sessions over 8 weeks.

An 8-week course is the "gold standard" for Mindfulness courses and the type of course that the vast majority of research about Mindfulness is based on.

Mindfulness can enable you to gradually build a deeper awareness of your present moment experience. This leads to a broader perspective, increased resilience and a sense of stability even when experiencing stress, persistent pain or a long-term health condition.

Mindfulness helps us to understand that our reactions to the unpleasant sensations of stress, pain and illness often cause a host of further problems. We may not be able to do anything about the unpleasant sensations we experience or situations we find ourselves in, but we can train ourselves to lessen or overcome the cycle of automatic or habit-driven reactions. This means we can learn to manage our responses to whatever comes our way, strengthen our resilience and increase our wellbeing. 

Kindness and compassion for ourselves and others form a foundation for Mindfulness practice in both courses.


There are two Mindfulness-based Breathworks courses 
  • Mindfulness for Health - for anyone living with pain, physical illness or stress that is impacting on their health
  • Mindfulness for Stress - for anyone wanting to reduce the impact of everyday stress, learn to manage better during difficult times and find the time and space to enjoy life more

Practice at home between classes using audio-guided mindfulness meditations is an essential part of both courses. This is introduced in a manageable way by starting with two 10-minute practices a day and gradually building at a pace to suit you.

Mindfulness can help you become more aware of how things actually are in each moment rather than denying what is happening or becoming overwhelmed. If you live with chronic pain, illness or stress that is beyond your control things may not become more pleasant, but with an increased mindful awareness you can learn to live with a greater sense of balance, choice and freedom which can make life more satisfying and fulfilling.
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